Dazo elevator

Service Support
Service Support
Standard service
Regular Inspection service:
DAZO elevator manufacturer provide regular services for the aim for taking the prevention measures to protect elevators and escalators.  The typical intervals services for elevator and escalator is two weeks.
24hours stand-by service:
DAZO elevator company provides a 24hours  stand-by service with professional technicians.
24 hours a day  x 7 days/week, DAZO elevators customer service Depart provide service for you  at any time regardless of day and night .
Free Spares parts:
Besides regular services, DAZO elevator facotry supplies a certain percentage of spare parts by free. Excluding the following items: motors, gear machines, controllers, elevator cars for elevators and gear machines,suspension ropes, travelling cables; steps, handrails,  sprockets, and step chains for escalators.
Parts Supply at referential price:
Dazo provides elevator and escalator spare parts to our clients with very preferential price.
Value-added Services
Remote Monitoring Services
Remote Monitoring System is made up of the “Data collection and analysis system”, that is installed on site, and the “Remote monitoring and management system”, built in the maintenance dept. It is the ideal choice of elevator monitoring systems for intelligent residential buildings.
• The Maintenance Department is able to have real time monitoring of on-site elevators using its computerized system.
• The on-site data collector is able to make logical analysis, automatic warnings and pre-signal Analysis.
• Customer management and Information analysis.
Annual Inspection Service
With the consent of local authorities,  DAZO elevator is able to carry out site inspections for elevators with limited speed capacities and can issue those that passed the inspection with official certificates. This featured service can reduce the required time of safety inspections for elevator and escalator.
VIP Service
When you have important parties (e.g. opening ceremonies, large conferences etc) or entertain distinguished leaders or VIP customers, you can call Maintenance Department of FUJIHD elevator company in advance and Fujihd will inspect the relevant elevators especially for you while assigning experienced technicians to provide stand-by services.
Elevator maintenance
we provide different maintenance methods and plans for you according to your building design, passenger situation, the daily flow of different ; To develop preventive maintenance during daily maintenance to reduce the failure rate of equipment, So that your elevator is always running in the best state.

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