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DAZO car elevator
    Dazo car elevator obtain wonderful reputation by taking advantage of outstanding stable leveling technology, solid and durable lift cabin space as well as wide and bright lift cabin design, enjoys great popularity all over the world.

 Dazo Elevator machine room car lifts are using the latest VVVF technology and FUJI Intellectual Control System to improve the system of the transport car elevator and overall elevator system to reduce the restrict requirements for the floor. And ensure the millimeter accurate flat layer, comfortable, low noise, technology innovation, further reducing the energy consumption of more than 42%.

   More and more people own its own car, as economic development, people's living quality is keeping improve constiously.
 Dazo Elevator manufacturer make full use of the years experience of car elevator technology, producing the machine room car elevator and machine roomless car elevator for domestic market and foreign market .  
Tel: +86 189 3054 6195 Email : melody@fujihdelevators.com DAZO Elevator    POWERED BY UEESHOP