Dazo elevator

Dumbwaitor Elevators
DAZO Dumbwaiter Lift
   DAZO Dumbwaiter Lift has the advantages with small volume but complete functions, smooth delivery and low price , which widely used in restaurants , factory canteens, libraries and other debris transported site. Microcomputer control and PLC control is popular on the market.

elevator manufacturer provide Dumbwaiter elevator with speed from 0.4 m/s to 1.0m/s. it is mostly with the facilitated installation of frame type, this kind of structure has the advantages of convenient installation, without special wells,less space occupation.
Free and flexible,Less space occupation
without special wells is convenient for the overall layout of the building and design. Residents can choose machine room elevator or machine roomless elevator according to structure difference, so the  freedom of construction design has been greatly improved.
Multiple modes customized for you
Choose appropriate door opening modes, be convenient for goods delivery .
Start smoothly  , Moving quietly 

   DAZO elevator adopted a genuine current vector control variable frequency drive system. The start, acceleration, brake curves is designed according to the ergonomic conception in order to obtain the best coziness.
Low malfunction rate,  Easy maintenance
Adopt micro computer control with low malfunction rate, easy maintenance and low cost.
Eenergy saving ,Low cost
Mechatronics, simple and flexible operation, low energy consumption, energy saving & low cost.

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