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  DAZO Elevator and Escalator company, founded in 1987, has more than 30 years experiences, is well-known as a global leader manufacturer in elevators and escalators industry. FUJIHD elevator who is famous for advanced technology and high quality.
  The home elevator doesn't need special shaft and can be installed in your home  easily and quicklyat any time during the construction stage or even later. 
DAZO Villa Elevator fully respect the building integrity, adopted   world-class technology, focusing on the details , and taking the humanized design. With modem and elegant decoration, it creates a noble space with the same taste of villa.
  Meanwhile,  for individual requirements , fujihd elevator factory provide exclusive customization to comprehensively enhance the value of the home.
Safety & Reliability
  Sufficient maintenance space: Reasonable machine room arrangement keeps sufficient maintenance space.
  Reliability Test :Parts after reliability test  to make sure elevator run continuously stably.
Start Soomthly
  Fujihd elevator adopted a genuine current vector control variable frequency drive system. The start, acceleration, brake curves is designed according to the conception in order to obtain the best coziness.
Energy-saving LED lamp in Cabin
DAZO elevator introduced LED Lamps with high engery efficiency & long life , it can save up to 40% of the electricity .
Comfortable & Silent Moving

DAZO elevator introduced VVVF drive to make sure elevators operate more smoothly. Nice noise control offers passenger comfortable  elevator taking experience.

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