Dazo elevator

Panoramic Elevator
Dazo Observation Elevator
  Dazo observation elevator widens the view of the world , and brings the splendid color for the city.
  Dazo Panoramic elevator adopted the wisdom shockproof stabilization technology and wonderful cabin design deeply interpret the prosperity of city.
1)FUJI Intellectual Control System
FUJI intellectual control system measure the location of elevator cabin during the operation accurately ; The actual time calculation of the system can always make sure the best running time. So , the running time for each floor will be less, the leveling accuracy has been  improved while the elevator  braking ,deceleration , and acceleration.
So It will be more steady, and the passenger will fill more comfortable.
2)Dazo Digital Inverter Technology
•    Take the vector conversion technology
•    Minimize the elevator vibration
•    Minimize the noise
3) High Precision Positioning Control System
  Car-displacement-detection technology with high accuracy ensures almost perfect leveling between the car and the landing level.
Car displacement tracking technology ensures the leveling safety.
4)Panasonic Top Advanced Door Operator System
  Dazo Elevator takes the advanced Panasonic VVVF variable voltage and variable frequency control technology to the elevator door operator system so as to ensure   elevators door operating smoothly and quietly .
5)Compact control cabinet to save space
  Fujihd elevator designed a kind of specific thin control cabinet to saves space and improve the utilization of building space.
6)Safety & Reliability
  Sufficient maintenance space: Reasonable machine room arrangement keeps sufficient maintenance space.
Reliability Test :Parts after reliability test  to make sure elevator run continuously stably.
7) Start Soomthly
  Dazo elevator adopted a genuine current vector control variable frequency drive system. The start, acceleration, brake curves is designed according to the ergonomic theory in order to obtain the best coziness.
8)Energy-saving LED lamp in Cabin
  Dazo elevator introduced LED Lamps with high engery efficiency & long life , it can save up to 40% of the electricity.
8)Energy-saving Technology
  Dazo ovservation lift adopts a new generation of international leading permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine, which can save more than 48% of the energy, compared with the ordinary and traditional technology.

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