Dazo elevator

Elevator Workshop
Elevator Workshop
Dazo Elevator Company Office Building                                        Dazo Lift Supplier Office Building 

Hengfu Group Elevator Co.,Ltd. , founded in 1987, is well-known as a global leader in elevators and escalators
manufacturer. FUJIHD elevator , who is famous for advanced technology and high quality.     
Covering about 133500 Square Meters
Dazo Elevator covering 133500 square meters,with 150m height test tower installed high speed elevators reached 10.0 m/s . And introducing a series of automated production lines such as Salvagnini.
 Annual production reach 60,000 units
   Dazo elevator manufacturer succesed to implement Industry 4.0 and shows the enterprise in the field of “machine substitution” solid results, Annual production reaches 60,000 units.
Dazo elevator factory has rich product varieties
  The products scope of FujiHD elevator supplier covers passenger elevator, vertical elevator, panoramic/observation elevator, hospital/bed elevator,  hydraulic elevator, cargo/freight elevator, car elevator, small machine room elevator (MR), machine room-less elevator(MRL), home lift/Villa lifts, household elevator, dumbwaiter, escalator & moving walk.
Dazo lifts Exported to more than 80 countries 

Dazo Elevator Factory                                                  Salvagnini from Italia

 Elevator Spraying Production Line                               Automatic hall door assembly line 

CNC Bending Machine                                                       Automatic Laser Machine

Dazo Escalator Factory                                                  Dazo  Escalator Manufacturer 

Indoor Escalator                                                                     Escalator Supplier 

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