Dazo elevator

Company Profile
Company Profile
  Hengfu Group Elevator Co.,Ltd. , founded in 1987,is well-known as a global leader in elevators and escalators manufacturer. FUJIHD elevator , who is famous for advanced technology and high quality.
   Unique state of the art technologies are continuously being introduced to improve elevator operation to meet with the persuit for humanity’s devotion to enjoyment and comfort .  
   Nowadays, Dazo lifts is not only a modernized and professional elevator manufacturers which integrates the design, Research&development, manufacturing and sales together , but also a  high standard and famous installation, and maintenance company , provides diversified and all-round perfect ervices to our customers.So ,we are happy to be the greatest agent of FujiHD.

   Covering about 133500 Square Meters
   Dazo Elevator Headquarters is located in Zhejiang High-tech Zone, covering an area of about 133,500 square meters ,  with a test tower height of nearly 150 meters installed high speed elevators reached 10.0 m/s . And introducing a series of automated production lines such as Salvagnini.

Annual production reach 60,000 units
   Dazo elevator manufacturer succesed to implement Industry 4.0 and shows the enterprise in the field of “machine substitution” solid results, Annual production reaches 60,000 units.

  Dazo elevator factory has rich product varieties
  Dazo is able to satisfy diverse requirements from various users. The products scope covers passenger elevator, panoromic/observation elevator, hospital/bed elevator,  hydraulic elevator, cargo/freight elevator, car elevator, small machine room elevator (MR), machine room-less elevator(MRL), home lift/Villa lifts, dumbwaiter, escalator & moving walk.

   Exported to more than 80 countries 
   ” Origin in China, Service for the whole world” .

Dazo elevators believes that quality is the foundation of the company's survival and development.
So, FujiHD contributes all the efforts to humanized design, perfect quality, easy installation and intimate after-sales services.
   Its comfortable, safety & reliable elevators and escalators services for millions of people from more than 80 countries,  highly reputed by all over the world .

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