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Passenger Elevators
FUJIHD High Technology Passenger Elevators Manufacturers
  FUJIHD Elevator company,founded in 1987,is a modernized and professional China Passenger lifts Manufacturers .
   FujiHD Passenger Elevators company who is famous for advanced technology and superior quality,  introduced SALVAGNINI and a series of the world's leading fully automated production lines. Providing in various elevators e production ,such as: FUJI Passenger Elevators , passenger lifts , Residential Lifts ,high-speed elevators, Residential Elevators, sightseeing elevators, beds Elevators, Hospital Lifts, villas elevators, machine room elevators, small engine room elevators, cargo elevators, Freight lift, hydraulic elevators, escalators and automatic walkways…
   FUJI VVVF drive make sure elevator operate more smoothly. Nice noise control technology makes passenger peaceful  elevator taking experience.
   The permanent magnetic synchronous gearless traction machine  saves up to 48% energy consumption.
   FujiHD passenger elevator with the features of  Safety and Reliablity ,Smooth start, Quick and quiet Moving, Energy saving... So Fujihd passenger lifts are quite popular in all over the world.

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